Sunday, July 20, 2014

Keeping up to date

Im finding it easier and easier to get on the blog here and update.
I made this after Michael (who sits next to me at work) mentioned he was planning to make some dragon Brushes for ZBrush. I thought that sounded great and it was right after i read an inspiring book( See previous post) so i dug into zbrush and popped out my first dragon from ZBrush. Granted ive modeled a dragon before but that was like 12 or 14 years ago so im rusty on the dragons I'll be the first to admit.
I hope you enjoy and ill try and update as I go along.
By the way here is a link to my mikey's brushes I used them all over my model and they are great. I had such a great time i used over 15 of the brushes but i couldnt tell you which ones at the moment. Awesome work Michael Dunnam.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

You gotta read this "Steal like and Artist"

So as artists we all have inherent things that limit us, as well as release us to full fill our potential.  I feel periodically I myself have to shake things up a little and get my "creative juices" flowing. So today I took an hour and read this:

Luckily Michael Dunnam had the book and well he sits right across from me. So as soon as I read it I also bought it off amazon. I plan to mark it up and pass it along to my friends, my daughter and eventually my sons. Great read thats quick, inspiring and will reside in my collection from now on.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Helmet design progress

So here is a helmet design Ive been working on in Maya and ZBrush. I laid out the shape in maya till i liked the look. And this was the point these images were taken. Simple AO no rendering to speak of. And overlaid the wireframe so you can see how messy it is. Im already ported over into Zbrush now and Im using the new brushes i made to detail it as well as flatten out areas of particular faceting. The faceting is all due to my building and designing it all at the same time low res like. I found that simple to get the look i wanted. This took all together over many sittings about 8 hours of real work and modeling/ designing time. Change this change that