Thursday, December 19, 2013

Greeenscreen is portable and has lasted really well.

This was the first day i set up my new green screen awhile back. I just felt like sharing a little. Its relativly cheap, bit the screen and the stands are okay. The lights melted one evening on a very long shoot for "the Messengers" So i wouldnt recommend the lights. Its a fun set though and the fabric has lasted for over a year now and that even with shoots in the woods. So it kept clean even. lol
 I mostly leave it in the studio at work now so we can use it regularly. But as needed it does leave for side work. So thats the end of my rambling for today.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Short Film - "The Messengers" - The Beginning

Ive kept relatively quiet on this for awhile now, but here is the start of the production diary of sorts.

The Messengers is a short film we began pre-production on in December 2012. The Director (Joseph) and I began with a novel and created story boards of the first set and scenes.

So I plan to take you thru the process here and I'll will keep the steps brief and include pictures so feel free to write or comment or ask questions.