Monday, August 11, 2014

Sharing a little...The rules to Pixars story telling sucess.

How Pixar’s 22 Storytelling Rules Apply to Your Business 

 Read full article here

For the crazy creatives out there that try to balance the business minded side of their work day with the "fun stuff" this article really helps.  Every day is filled with requests and people standing at my desk or asking questions and needing estimates on work. The gambit of things people bring to us every day can be a huge diversion from the real meaningful work we want to accomplish. So this article really hits home showing how to get focused, or keep focused back on whats important. 

Pixars methods list takes it one step further. The list gives you detail oriented things to do to refine, then it keeps you going. I'll probably print this out and or somehow refer to it next time im in the cloudy haze of the work day.

Stay Creative!

Garry Lewis

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The final on that Dragon - Sculpt/model

First let me say thank you. This is for all of you who have been looking over the work on the blog. I had no idea there was traffic in seeing the work so I appreciate you all stopping in and I hope you enjoy what you see.
So here is a final of that dragon I showed earlier.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Keeping up to date

Im finding it easier and easier to get on the blog here and update.
I made this after Michael (who sits next to me at work) mentioned he was planning to make some dragon Brushes for ZBrush. I thought that sounded great and it was right after i read an inspiring book( See previous post) so i dug into zbrush and popped out my first dragon from ZBrush. Granted ive modeled a dragon before but that was like 12 or 14 years ago so im rusty on the dragons I'll be the first to admit.
I hope you enjoy and ill try and update as I go along.
By the way here is a link to my mikey's brushes I used them all over my model and they are great. I had such a great time i used over 15 of the brushes but i couldnt tell you which ones at the moment. Awesome work Michael Dunnam.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

You gotta read this "Steal like and Artist"

So as artists we all have inherent things that limit us, as well as release us to full fill our potential.  I feel periodically I myself have to shake things up a little and get my "creative juices" flowing. So today I took an hour and read this:

Luckily Michael Dunnam had the book and well he sits right across from me. So as soon as I read it I also bought it off amazon. I plan to mark it up and pass it along to my friends, my daughter and eventually my sons. Great read thats quick, inspiring and will reside in my collection from now on.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Helmet design progress

So here is a helmet design Ive been working on in Maya and ZBrush. I laid out the shape in maya till i liked the look. And this was the point these images were taken. Simple AO no rendering to speak of. And overlaid the wireframe so you can see how messy it is. Im already ported over into Zbrush now and Im using the new brushes i made to detail it as well as flatten out areas of particular faceting. The faceting is all due to my building and designing it all at the same time low res like. I found that simple to get the look i wanted. This took all together over many sittings about 8 hours of real work and modeling/ designing time. Change this change that

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fun development stuff in the works

Working away is all I can say on this, other than the scripts I made today in MEL confirm some long standing questions. So much fun making new things .....Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

A quick funny birthday image for a friend.

I get asked to make fun stuff alot, banners, and birthday cards, scouting stuff. Well today i made this for one of the guys at work who is a gung ho army guy. So his friends wanted him in a marine unifrom and all that sorta thing. It was quick turn around but alot of fun. For me too.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Updates on the Messengers

So a lot of work has gone on for the messengers film and I owe a ton of updates so the next thing to mention is that after the last post the storyboards got more attention. And one of the designs that we will feature more on came up for design. It's a flying motorcycle that can also drive on land. We have scenes under way in production and the messengers book written by Joseph is complete now I believe. Ill load more images next on the messengers. Check back soon!

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Kungfujackrabbit Charger on Google maps!

I know its the little things in life that we sometimes get excited about......
Anyhow one day at lunch me and the guys were coming in to work and saw the Google maps camera car.
So I flipped the car around in our parking lot at Meggitt and chased him down real quick. Like i said its the little things, but for any of you that dont know me, I really dig that car.

So i figured lets get it on google!!data=!1m8!1m3!1d3!2d-84.064661!3d34.061131!2m2!1f189.45!2f85.22!4f15!2m9!1e1!2m4!1sqCYeex_ASnRiBCukXrcbFw!2e0!9m1!6sBrogdon+Road!5m2!1sqCYeex_ASnRiBCukXrcbFw!2e0&fid=5

Friday, January 10, 2014

Vray in the Arsenal

Well i finally broke down and set up a file to test the VRAY renderer (again) and it went well. Easy.... and i made some presets. I took enough time to learn it this time and will probably use it for future projects.
Not a brilliant example above for modeling or anything. Just something simple so i could see the Glass capabilities, chrome and metal and plastics. Oh and some liquid so over all it was a pretty good test subject. I got the time with glass and all of it to about 36 seconds so i was happy with HD res in that time. Maybe a little :15 second video example would be nice but its time to get back working on "the Messengers" film.