Friday, September 14, 2012

VFX Mill Is up and running has launched!

It's alive! Only a select few people have been privy to this endeavor. It began just a short seven months ago. And today
 we have officially launched!

The VFX Mill provides VFX professionals and students alike the resources to rebuild scenes and composite their
models into footage from all over the world. Each location or "Scene" includes one or more 32bit HDR Images, many
high resolution textures, videos of the scene for compositing, reference images, and several super high resolution
extremely big textures stitched together already for your convenience and reuse!

We bring together everything you need to place your model into a scene from another city or another continent without
ever leaving your desk. Pre-vis artists can receive a clients request for a mechanical monster walking thru the streets
of San Francisco. Then sit down and choose a "scene" or two they prefer to work with. Purchase the scene and start
 working on compositing their model into the scene as soon as it
downloads. Your client won't believe how talented you were to provided a professional effects shot from another city
across the world in such a short time! Short deadlines for artist usually result in hurry up and we all know long hours
and quality are the price you pay. Well no more. Just download the scene you like for a particular project and start
working on the fun stuff. Focus on what you really excel at....making your imagination a reality.

What's next? Tell your studio manager, your friends, and your colleagues this is the place to look for their lighting,
texturing, compositing needs. And don't forget to check back often as new locations are already in production. This
is your premier library for all visual effects resources.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Something new on the horizon

Little update to the blog here to coordinate better with my website.
Also alot of work lately has gone into my other site with a friend. Its all coming to a point where Launch is soon. Thankfully its all worked out. We will see if this was lightbulb effort Mr. Edison...and if not I'll try again.
Im out for tonight. Hey for more updates Follow me on Twitter @kungfujackrabbi

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Interest in HDRI?

I use HDRI at work and do alot of creating them at home for fun. I know....nerd. But I would like to know if many students and freelancers use HDRI to make their work quicker? Im not asking for a how to answer I mean Id like to know how many people prefer lighting in this manner and are interested in HDRI from locations I travel to?
Ive taken HDRI from multiple cities and I am considering giving some away and possibly selling some. Much cheaper than Ive seen online I might add.
Why you may ask? Well casue I like making them and I can charge less casue I havea job already and I dont need this to survive. But I will ask for a low cost for the better ones just to get my juices flowing and get out there more.

Please write me. Im interested in your feedback.

All the HDRI probes now free

Okay so for the past 8 months ive worked with Fish eye lens to produce my HDRIs and ive decided to give away all my probes i had previously made. There are quite a few here so I zipped them all together and they are free for your lighting pleasures.
I have several favorites in there such as the alley and the wheat field.

Several also are skydomes which are using the fish eye lens pointed straight up into the sky. I have a maya file i use as a lighting solution for quick jobs i need to light in this manner. Also should anyone be interested you can take this type of image and unwrap it into a rectilenear image resembling a Lat Lon. It only requires HDR shop the free version and a couple of simple settings. If you dont know how to do this and would like a video tutorial heres what you do......write me tell me there is interest and I would be happy to make it. But if noone is asking I will continue working on things I find fun like making more HDRI.

So there it is. Use these for free and I probably wont be making any more probe HDRI but I have a new way of making them much larger and more detailed that if you check back I will be giving away some free ones in that format.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New website is up.

I just loaded the remaining items in the website so its all up and functional. Now Live!

Please take a look at the free HDRimages for lighting in your favorite 3D Package. Also if your a Zbrush fan the HDRis have been converted to Light Caps and can be downloaded there as well.

I hope you like the new set up. Im looking forward to giving away more HDRIs within the next few days. So Stop in and get the ones already loaded and come back for the new ones.


Monday, April 23, 2012


Making HDR images is probably 5% planning, 5% artistic, 20% technical, and 70% luck! Some may agree or disagree. Im only partially serious, but Im only partially joking about this as well.