Wednesday, August 1, 2012

All the HDRI probes now free

Okay so for the past 8 months ive worked with Fish eye lens to produce my HDRIs and ive decided to give away all my probes i had previously made. There are quite a few here so I zipped them all together and they are free for your lighting pleasures.
I have several favorites in there such as the alley and the wheat field.

Several also are skydomes which are using the fish eye lens pointed straight up into the sky. I have a maya file i use as a lighting solution for quick jobs i need to light in this manner. Also should anyone be interested you can take this type of image and unwrap it into a rectilenear image resembling a Lat Lon. It only requires HDR shop the free version and a couple of simple settings. If you dont know how to do this and would like a video tutorial heres what you do......write me tell me there is interest and I would be happy to make it. But if noone is asking I will continue working on things I find fun like making more HDRI.

So there it is. Use these for free and I probably wont be making any more probe HDRI but I have a new way of making them much larger and more detailed that if you check back I will be giving away some free ones in that format.