Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Interest in HDRI?

I use HDRI at work and do alot of creating them at home for fun. I know....nerd. But I would like to know if many students and freelancers use HDRI to make their work quicker? Im not asking for a how to answer I mean Id like to know how many people prefer lighting in this manner and are interested in HDRI from locations I travel to?
Ive taken HDRI from multiple cities and I am considering giving some away and possibly selling some. Much cheaper than Ive seen online I might add.
Why you may ask? Well casue I like making them and I can charge less casue I havea job already and I dont need this to survive. But I will ask for a low cost for the better ones just to get my juices flowing and get out there more.

Please write me. Im interested in your feedback.